Welcome to my homepage at MIT.

I'm a full time graduate student at Sloan School of Business and MIT School of Engineering. For the last 9 years, I've been involved in research and development projects in high technology industries, developing communication systems for satellites at Orbital, high speed data pipelines for drones at Smiths, and AI based person scanner for civilian security applications at a startup Evolv

At Sloan, I'm working with Professor James Utterback in a research on technology management where we use mathematical models from ecology to investigate interactions among technologies.  

My focus at the business school is around my main idea which is that impact of AI and big data is transforming businesses from product companies to service companies. At engineering school, I focus on technical aspects of AI and big data especially on cloud based artificial intelligence systems, their key components and their system architecture, expanding my 9 years of technical management experience.

I’m currently developing  a deep learning based service application for medical market. Contact me If you are interested in learning more about the application.

Erdem Yilmaz